Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Quick Vegetable Wilted Cause although Stored in In Fridge

Already storing vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator, but a few days later wither. This problem can occur if not put the vegetables on the right and use the typical refrigerator.

Nutritionists Jansen Ongko said vegetables could be withered as the water content is reduced after being stored in the refrigerator.

"Fruits and vegetables become dry or lose if the water content in the refrigerator less humidity. Loss of moisture make vegetable so wilted, yellow color," said Jansen in Jakarta.

Jansen said, green vegetables which yellowing means has decreased nutrient content. To that end, the storage of fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator no part of it. Type refrigerator also affects the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

Head of Product Marketing Home Appliances PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia Michael Adisuhanto added, dryness of fruits and vegetables occurs faster in an ordinary refrigerator has only one cooling system. With so sirkukasi between the freezer and the bottom are connected together.

"With the cooling system, the humidity will be stuck in the freezer. In the circulation, moisture can not get back to vegetables and fruits. So the less water content," said Michael.

In addition, if the circulation between the freezer and cooler underneath are connected, allowing cross-contamination. For example, contamination of the food stored in the freezer as the meat to food or drink that is stored under the freezer.

"If the cooling system is separated smell of raw meat in the freezer baseball nyampur down," said Michael.

Michael revealed, refrigerator split cooling system, which uses twin teknokogi cooling. So there are two cooling systems so that air circulation between the freezer and cooler underneath are not fused.

With the twin cooling technologies are introduced Samsung, the freshness of fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator will hold two times higher than the refrigerator with a cooling system.
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