Monday, June 13, 2016

Healthy Skin and Firmness with Avocado

Caring for the skin with avocado, need not always be done in a beauty salon. You could try making your own mask at home.

One more reason to love the avocado: avocado mask is soften, cleanse and moisturize dry skin. In addition, avocado mask also has other advantages, namely:

1. Free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients that can make sensitive skin into allergic and irritant.

2. Avocado mask either untukmereka the skin prone to acne and sensitive.

3. Avocado mask can reach deep layers of skin to provide elasticity even for very dry skin.

4. Avocado can slow the aging process.

5. Easy and inexpensive, can be purchased in traditional market or supermarket that is closest to you.

How to Make Avocado Mask

Provide avocado and honey (honey can be replaced with plain yogurt or oatmeal). Both act as a natural moisturizer that is suitable for adult skin, wrinkled skin, sensitive, dry, and so forth.

Take one piece of fresh ripe avocado, remove from the skin and seeds, put into a bowl and mash. Add one tablespoon of honey and mix together to form a paste. You can add a little cold water if the mask is too thick.

Apply evenly to the skin and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry your face with a clean soft towel.

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