Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How to Eat Fruits the Right

Sometimes, there are people who are lazy to eat fruit because they feel bothered peeling and preparing it, or bother to eat it. If there were easier ways to prepare and eat, would be more people who love to eat fruit. This is a trick set up some pieces that are often considered difficult (and it's not that hard!).

Mandarin orange
There are people who do not like citrus Mandarin, because it causes sticky hands when peeling them. So that no sticky hands, use a knife to slice off both ends, cut the gap between the skin with orange follow the orange circle shapes.

Beet should be cooked before eaten? Not really. You can eat raw beets, like carrots. Quite peeling bits and sliced ​​with a knife.

There are other ways besides eating pomegranate split it into two, and then eat it with a spoon. Cut the pomegranate into four or five parts, by cutting from top to bottom. In this way, the seeds will come out easily without the mess.

Another way of consuming kiwi is cut into two in the middle, and then eat with a spoon.

Did you know that half of an avocado contains about 160 calories? Avocado is suitable as a snack retaining hungry, because a lot of good fats mrngandung. Cut two avocados from top to bottom and then eat with a spoon.

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