Tuesday, May 31, 2016

6 Benefits of Ramadan Fasting for Health

Nothing feels Ramadan will greet all Muslims in the world. Of course we welcome Ramadan with joy, especially many of the benefits of fasting.

Fasting in Ramadan requires that a person is not eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset started. Did you know that have an impact on health?

Yes, a month-long fasting during Ramadan is not only a positive impact on mental and spiritual, but also health. Here are six benefits of fasting in Ramadan for health reported by Yahoo.

Improving intelligence

Undoubtedly, the positive effects of fasting not only for the mental and spiritual health, but also the power of the brain. A study conducted by scientists in the US found that mental focus during Ramadan increases neurotrophic from the brain. This would result in brain cells more, thus improving brain function.

Moreover, fasting in the month Ramanda also lowers cortisol produced by the adrenal glands, thus reducing stress during and after Ramadan.

lowering cholesterol

Perhaps you think that weight loss is a result of fasting during Ramadan, but no other changes were unexpected. A team of cardiologists in the UAE found that people who fasted in Ramadan enjoying their positive effects on lipids, meaning a reduction of cholesterol in the blood.

Low cholesterol improves cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Moreover, if you follow a healthy diet after Ramadan, then the cholesterol levels will be easy to control.


Ramadan can be a fantastic waktui detoxification for your body. By not eating and drinking until a certain time, then the body the opportunity to detoxify the digestive system during the month of Ramadan.

When the body starts eating, it will become fat reserves to produce energy and burn any harmful toxins in fat deposits. This method is a perfect stepping stone to a healthy lifestyle.

Prevent unhealthy habits

Ramadan is the perfect time to reduce bad habits, such as smoking and excessive sugary foods. By not indulge in bad habits, then after Ramadan you will get used to healthy living.

Decreased appetite

One major problem when the fasting month is a quick weight down, but returned again after Ramadan. Decrease the amount of food consumed during fasting cause belly fat to shrink gradually.

If you want to get used to eating healthy, then Ramadan is the perfect time to start. If your appetite is lower than before, it is less likely to overeat after Ramadan.

Absorb more nutrients

By not eating during the day during Ramadan, the metabolism becomes more efficient. That is, the amount of nutrients absorbed from food into more.

This is due to the increase of a hormone called adiponectin allows the muscles to absorb more nutrients. This will benefit your overall health.

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