Sunday, May 1, 2016

6 Trigger Heart Attacks Unexpected

But, in addition to keeping your cholesterol levels remained in the normal range and exercise regularly, there are other causes of heart attacks. Consider the six triggers heart attacks below, which though less common but you should know.

Unusual heavy meal
Unusually heavy meal even once, should be avoided. A recent study analyzed 1,986 heart attack patients revealed that 158 ​​of them, it turns out many superb eating just 25 hours before the attack.

Allegedly, it is caused by increased levels of insulin that causes constriction of blood vessels.

How do I avoid that risk? Watch for signs of when your body gives a signal. If you start to feel full, it is a good idea to stop eating.

Believe it or not, a person at risk of increased heart attack in the morning. This may be because of the blood and blood vessels thicker in the morning, causing the blood more viscous or frozen.

The best way to avoid a heart attack early in is by taking blood-thinning drugs before 06 o'clock in the morning.

the common cold
Complications such as pneumonia and chest congestion associated with the flu or a cold can make it difficult for the lungs to absorb oxygen efficiently.

This causes the heart to work harder and can lead to stress-related disorders.

Anyone with high blood pressure or are at risk of a heart attack one should not take decongestants because they increase the body's blood pressure.

If you get a nasty cold, trying to take care of themselves to sleep well, using a dehumidifier in the evening, and drink hot beverages. licorice tea leaves are also a good alternative to decongestants.

Heavy or regular Physical Activity
Despite the importance of physical exercise, excessive is not recommended. Every winter, thousands injured from activities scooping earth and most of these injuries related to the heart.

Strenuous activity can cause suffocation, reducing the flow of oxygen to the bloodstream, and putting a strain on the heart. So, stay healthy, but do not exercise too tight. If you feel yourself becoming short of breath while doing the activity, rest before continuing.

A higher risk of car accidents, not only because traffic is not secure. A recent study found a correlation between traffic congestion, air pollution and heart attacks, increased exposure to air pollution as a cause is suspected.

Scientists interviewed the victim of a heart attack found that people are stuck in a traffic jam about three times more likely to suffer a heart attack than those who did not.

If you are at high risk of heart attack, you can try to reduce exposure to pollution by closing the window while on the road.

Cold weather
Those who choose to nest in Florida for the winter do so for good reason. When the body becomes cold, high blood pressure and accelerate the heart rate to increase the flow of oxygen into the blood.

This may be beneficial in preventing frostbite, but it can be stressful for the heart. If you live in a cold climate, let yourself enjoy the luxury of indoor adequate heating and body wraps before you go out.

Heart attacks not only prevented by controlling the levels of cholesterol. But also with keeping other cause of heart attacks, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle is moderate, your heart will "serve" well your lifetime.

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