Sunday, May 8, 2016

Best Way Ginger Water Consumption

Air ginger has long been known for its ability to calm the stomach, as well as mitigate some diseases related to cold air, such as bloating, coughing, until the flu. However, ginger can also be "bad" for the body when consumed in excess.

According to Chris Kilham alternative medicine The Medicine Hunter, ginger is one of the most famous drug to eliminate the disease syndrome cold, like really can kill the rhinovirus that causes the common cold.

More generally, ginger has long been used as a reliever nausea due to bloating or drunk.

"However, ginger can stimulate the production of bile and aid digestion becomes profitable. But if you consume ginger water without eating any food-previously-empty stomach can cause excessive stimulation of gastric it difficult for digestion," says Kilham.

"This reaction does not always occur in all people, but it is most likely to occur, especially in those who have a sensitive stomach or gastric problems."

To avoid stomach problems, Kilham advised to eat a snack or meal before drinking ginger water and only drink in reasonable quantities, namely a cup of ginger ale or ginger tea at a time.

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