Thursday, May 19, 2016

Why Drinking Coffee Makes CHAPTER Fluent

If you're like most people, shortly after drinking a cup of coffee usually appear curiosity defecate (BAB). In fact, some people who are often difficult to "backward" rely on coffee to resolve the problem.

But why coffee could make the BAB more smoothly? There are many causes. First, coffee increases the contractions in the intestines and activate bowel movement, until finally the stool moves toward the rectum.

According to one study, coffee is the most significant substances that promote bowel movements, even 60 percent stronger than warm water.

Caffeine is not the only active ingredient in coffee that makes the stomach ached. Some time after we sipped coffee and reaches the stomach, some substances will trigger the release of certain hormones. Hormones that for example, motilin stimulates contractions of the intestine, or gastrin which causes the release of acid in the stomach.

That's why heartburn and stomach feels like there is pressure for BAB.

In addition to coffee, in the morning of the bowel also more active than any other time of day. This is part of the body's circadian rhythms. So, not only coffee that makes it easier to defecate in the morning, but in fact we are naturally active intestines.

If you are going to travel, you should avoid drinking coffee at least 2 hours after waking. Moreover, to delay matters "backward", you should not mix the coffee with a heavy meal or physical activity because it can create increased bowel movements.

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