Sunday, May 29, 2016

Here's How Smoking Ruin Your lungs

One of the most important organ in the human body that could be damaged by smoking is lung. The lungs are a vital part of the human respiratory system.

Pulmonary Specialist Doctors from Friendship Hospital Agus Dwi Susanto said the smoking habit will initially disrupt the function of cilia, namely cleaning the airways.

Cilia or hair shakes functioning ward foreign objects that enter into the airways from getting into the deeper organs.

Well, cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals makes the cilia have to work hard to filter foreign objects. Until finally decreased cilia function or do not function at all.

"The movement of the cilia declined to 50 percent in just two or three times a puff of cigarette smoke. Therefore, the occurrence of the infection will be higher," said Agus.

Smokers will be easy to cough and excessive phlegm production. Due to non-functioning of cilia, more active smokers at high risk for chronic bronchitis or lung infection that lasts a long time.

Smokers also experienced chronic airway constriction or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). General Secretary of Association of Physicians Pulmonary Indonesia have revealed that as many as 92 percent of patients with COPD in the Friendship Hospital has a history of smoking.

"In COPD, the airways such as chimney pipes are corroded. The higher the smoking habit, the higher cases of COPD," said Agus.

Symptoms of COPD include shortness of breath or severe, chronic cough, and phlegm. Cases of tuberculosis generally occurs in smokers.

In the end, the active smoker will experience a decline in lung function. Worse, active smokers at high risk for lung cancer who became one of the most deadly cancers. Agus said, according to a study in the Friendship Hospital, as many as 43.4 percent of women and 83.6 percent of men with lung cancer are smokers.

Agus reminded, passive smokers or frequent exposure to cigarette smoke are also at risk of developing the disease in the respiratory sisem.

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