Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Things Happen if often Skipping Breakfast

Eat breakfast or breakfast is an important part before doing the activity. Never make excuses not want breakfast because it's on a diet want to lose weight.

According to research from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, breakfast does not affect weight. Precisely lazy breakfast can increase the weight as it makes a person to eat more during the day.

So, it's important breakfast! However, choose a nutritious breakfast. Here are 6 things that can happen if you skip breakfast, as quoted from Prevention.com.

1. Hunger
Skipping breakfast can certainly make you hungry. An empty stomach as soon filled asking for food. A writer, Nicole Clancy, try not breakfast. As a result, not only hunger, he also felt dizzy, impatient, and want to get angry.

2. Do not energized
Skipping breakfast causes the body less energy when starting the activity. For example, normally you can run for 90 minutes, but when no breakfast is just 60 minutes.

3. Difficulty concentrating
Difficulty concentrating is also one of the effects of no breakfast. Ranging from decreased productivity to forget about the little things that just happened.

4. Lunch is excessive
If you skip breakfast, you can have lunch more than usual. Desire kept eating and snacking could even last until late afternoon.

5. Disturbing the sleep quality
Missing breakfast can make your evening meal close to bedtime. This can make it difficult to sleep because it just fills the stomach, especially if the consumption of sugar and caffeine. Dinner time retreat usually impact of most lunches and snacks until late.

6. Weight loss is not down
As already mentioned above, skipping breakfast will not help with weight loss. Food consumption increases a lot and increase the risk of obesity. Therefore, breakfast should be socialized from childhood.

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