Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Drink Natural Remedy This is so not Easy Pain

Durability of a person's body is different. Moreover, if one of your friends have the flu, others will also be infected. Of these infections can be prevented by strengthening the immune system of a person.

Unhealthy lifestyle such as stress, lack of nutrition in the body, lack of exercise can contribute to a person's endurance. Listen intake below that can increase your endurance, quoted Boldsky, Wednesday (05/25/2016).

Honey and garlic

Just one tablespoon of honey with slices of garlic in the morning. Efficacy of both can help strengthen the immune system in your body.

ginger juice

If you come home from work, try brewing ginger with garlic and lemon. Indeed, it seems less pleasant on the tongue, but the ginger juice is beneficial for protecting the body from colds and coughs.

Warm water and garlic

Consumption of garlic plays a role in protecting the body from various diseases. You can eat garlic assisted with warm water.

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