Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fan Create Korean People Dead, Really

In your opinion, what the electrical equipment of the most dangerous in the house? For most South Korean society, the electric fan instead get top ranking as a dangerous tool.

South Korean people believe if the blades rotating when the fan is turned on can cause death when a sudden crash. To outsmart paranoid, today many manufacturers fan timer to give their goods.

In addition, the opinion also outstanding wind generated if the fan can be killed. The reason is because the cold air is circulated in a closed room can lead to hypothermia, leading to organ failure.

Maybe they think suck oxygen from the fan and make suffocation. Some fear that the fan itself alter oxygen molecules into carbon dioxide.

"If the body is exposed to an electric fan or air conditioning for too long, it causes the body to lose water and hypothermia. If direct contact with the fan, this could result in the death of an increased concentration of saturation of carbon dioxide and decreasing oxygen concentrations. The risk is higher for the elderly and patients with respiratory problems, "said South Korean Consumer Council, was quoted by The Malay Mail Online.

The statement also revealed if the 2006 asphyxiation caused by the fan and Ac be one of the five accidents recurring summer. In 2003 and 2005 there were 20 cases associated with shortness of breath because of the fan.

"To prevent suffocation, the timer should be set, the wind direction should be rotated and the door should be left open," said South Korean Consumer Council.

Even so, the South Korean government reject the theory. Moreover, it is not supported by a strong theory. Governments are suspect because the assumption was emerging from authoritarian thought 1970 that prevents citizens to save electricity.

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