Sunday, May 1, 2016

Want Healthy Teeth? This 6 Food to Avoid

Not all the food is good for healthy teeth and gums. There are several food hazard if consumed continuously.

As quoted by page Womanitely, Monday (2/5), these foods can damage dental health is considered as leaving the plaques and so on. Here are some foods that are not good for the health of your gums and teeth. What are these foods?

1. Soda
Soda, which could have as many flavors such as fruit. But unfortunately contained sweet is not derived from natural materials. Because artificial sweeteners, soda considered can damage your teeth. In fact, this drink can derail your diet.

2. Alcohol
Alcohol is not only dangerous for the heart but also the health of teeth and gums. These materials can make you feel dehydrated, which means also feels dry mouth due to reduced saliva production. It is considered capable of making damaged teeth and worse can lead to infection of the gums. In fact, alcohol is considered to be one of the causes of oral cancer.

3. Candy Sweet
Consuming sugary candy is not always a bad thing if consumed properly. However, if eating too much, this is obviously very dangerous for the health of teeth. Moreover consume candy that has a high sugar content. To avoid this effect, it is advisable to be able to chew gum that carries the ADA seal.

4. Eat Fast
People who frequently eat fast food has a great chance to have dental problems such as tooth decay. This is because most of the food and drinks served at fast food contain preservatives and food flavorings. These ingredients are definitely not good for the teeth.

5. carbonated beverages
Carbonated soft drinks have a higher content of sugar. These drinks contain citric acid and phosphoric acid which is harmful to the teeth. This is why children are not allowed to consume soft drinks.

6. Berries
Fruits like blueberries it can stain teeth and enamel absorbs. This is because the anthocyanin derived from the fruit of blue color. But there's nothing to worry about because regardless of the color of its coloring, blueberries contain polyphenols. This substance is considered to inhibit the bacteria damage the teeth, which is expected to improve the health of your teeth.

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