Thursday, June 18, 2015

4 Healthy Food for Body and Mind

One key factor is the food of your health. In addition to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet will also help maintain a healthy body. Well, the following four food menu is not only healthy for the body, but also a good effect for the mind. This delicious food will make you a better mood, improve the quality of your relationship and your partner, and will help burn body fat.

Salmon sandwich

Salmon mixed with spinach and walnut filling could be an option, but remain healthy. Salmon are excellent for improving mood. The content of omega 3 in it is needed by the body and brain. Combine salmon with spinach containing magnesium, this menu offerings will make you feel more relaxed and help lower blood pressure. Complete with walnuts, as a natural source of melatonin, which will make you sleep more deeply at night

Benefits: only with 420 calories and 35 g fat healthy, tasty menu has been able to make you feel full, happy, and calm.

Mediterranean Salad

Watercress, celery, onion, and cucumber is very good for digestion. Watercress has diuretic properties which can prevent flatulence. While the content of sodium and potassium is very good to help balance fluids in the body.

Benefits: with 170 calories and 11 g fat, these foods can throw a variety of toxins in the body and prevent bloating.

 Steak meat

Sauté the meat is mixed with pepper, asparagus, ginger, soy sauce, lemon juice, brown rice, and add the beans can be successful menu boost your libido. Asparagus which contains vitamin E can help your body to produce estrogen and testosterone. Meat contains zinc which is also very good to increase the hormone testosterone, which is good for the libido of women. Brown rice also contains zinc and give more energy. Meanwhile, the beans since long believed to be a natural aphrodisiac. That is why, a healthy diet can be a libido booster.

Benefits: You will feel more passionate with 318 calories and 11 g of fat, this menu can also help you lose weight.

Berri banana smoothie

Banana and blackberry blended together coconut milk, low-fat yogurt, a little lemon and honey. Bananas contain carbohydrates which also acts as a fiber, so that the consumption of bananas will membat you feel full and stay slim. Coconut milk from coconut helps eliminate fat in the abdomen, while the yogurt contains good bacteria which can fight the bad fats.

Benefits: with 250 calories and 5 g of fat, this menu may be a natural fat burner.

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