Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Healthy Kids, Growth and Over Not to Side

Fat child with chubby cheeks does look cute and adorable. But be careful, overweight children are more at risk of having health problems in the future.

Based Health Research in 2013, as many as 18.8 percent of children aged 5-12 years are overweight, which consists of 10.8 percent and 8.8 percent fat is fat or obese.

Astri Kurniati as the Nutrition and Health Science Manager of Nutrifood Research Center explains, based on the study, obesity in children aged 4-19 years had a 4-fold risk of developing diabetes lebihh higher than children who are not obese. In fact, it could increase the risk of stroke 1.5 times higher than non-obese.

Not only that, obesity can also affect the child psychologically. "He can experience social discrimination by his friends. Feeling inferior, anxious," Astri said in Jakarta, Tuesday (06/16/2015).

According to Astri, food intake must be taken to ensure that children have a greater growth upwards or higher, compared to grow sideways.

Astri explained, the daily fat needs of children aged 4-8 years only about 40-46 grams, or 30 percent. While children aged 9-13 years, needs about 53-60 grams of fat daily.

"In one piece of chicken krispi alone already contains 28 grams of fat. Then, 14 pieces of french fries contains 11 grams of fat, while eating normally not only that much, do you," he said.

Healthy habits from childhood is a sound long-term investment. Choose healthier foods, such as choosing low-fat milk for children, reduce food with cooking oil, and coconut milk. For children higher growth, meet the calcium needs of children.

Beneficial calcium for bone growth and density. In addition to maintaining food intake, do not forget to familiarize children doing physical activity or sport. Exercise can prevent obesity and make kids healthier and fitter.

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