Thursday, June 25, 2015

Chili beans Cause appendicitis

You certainly no stranger to the prohibition of eating chili beans, for fear of causing appendicitis. Moreover, fiber and vitamin C in peppers often trigger a stomach ache if consumed too much. But, really cabaibisa consumption causes appendicitis?

Before hooking relationship chili beans with appendicitis, let's find out first what the main cause of appendicitis. Most of appendicitis, fecal fluid caused by incorrect entry or a wrong turn and then trapped in the appendix or the buildup of phlegm (mucus).

Faeces or mucus that stuck was then harden and form fecalith (fecal stone), then close the roads or access to the appendix. This was subsequently resulted in the proliferation of bad bacteria, causing inflammation.

However it turns out, the body has a perfect mechanism in removing compounds that are not digested in the body. Therefore, appendicitis caused by objects such as seeds in food is rare, although not impossible.

Some cases of appendicitis is caused by foods that have seeds or substances that are not digested any more into the appendix. However, the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine mention, things like that just happen in one in 2,000 cases.

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