Sunday, June 14, 2015

Recent Study: Benefits of Coffee Can Mute Stress

International team of scientists has discovered the benefits of caffeine that can help cope with stress and prevent depression, and memory loss.

Rodrigo Cunha, neurofarmasi professor at the University of Coimbra in Portugal just finished doing research.

He gives caffeine to rats and then to condition the mice in a state full of anxiety and stress.

"If the animals are not in a state street, there was no apparent change in the parameters of psychological and behavior," explains Professor Rodrigo. "But if we change their lifestyle, they can handle it better," he told ABC Radio page.

Professor Rodrigo and his colleagues in Boston and Brazil have found that caffeine has the ability to block the chemicals associated with stress. Not only that caffeine also has the potential to prevent problems associated dementia.

Coffee is known to have benefits for reducing stress and depression.

"Caffeine does not make the system work better. But can avoid the wrong way in a system, "he said. "So much caffeine as a deterrent rather than to repair the damage."

To ABC, he explains how caffeine has a huge impact on brain function.

"If you consume caffeine regularly, then the caffeine can make the circuitry of the brain function becomes normal."

But he said there are fundamental differences between caffeine intake addictive with regular caffeine consumption.

Not only that, through this research found if caffeine can help fight depression. But this must be done further research, because if that makes a person happy that the act of buying caffeine to cafes, or the caffeine content itself.

"Because the rats were studied, of course, do not go to cafes for coffee or spend the time to hang out with her friends.

Professor Rodrigo asserts that humans have brains that are very different from mice, therefore further investigation needs to be done.

However, through this new study, he said that there is a step for the treatment of stress better.

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