Monday, June 15, 2015

Dangers Revealed Too Much Drinking Milk

Many older people complain if their children often suffer from constipation. Many factors cause this problem, one of them is too much to drink milk but not much offset by the intake of fiber.

Professor of the Department of Pediatrics Faculty of medicine RSCM Prof Dr Agus Firmansyah SpA (K), prohibits the parents too much to give milk to children in a day. Because it has adverse health risks fakor digestive system of the child.

"Kids too often drink milk but not matched with natural nutrients such as fiber can lead to constipation child (BAB). His body became obese and he's not healthy," said Prof Agus when found in Menteng, Jakarta, yesterday.

Prof Agus said, a lot of parents complain against digestive health problems of children. When asked, they turned out to be too much to give milk more than three times sehrari.

"How'm not constipated if it has always obeyed his parents to drink milk more than three times a day, but his own son dibiarin difficult to eat alone," added Prof Agus.

In fact, according to Prof. Agus, milk only as a compliment menu only. Mekipun it contains good nutrients such as calcium and probiotics that support growth.

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