Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Excessive eating fruit Not Good for Health

We all know that sugar in fruit is good for health, even for people with severe diabetes. However, there is now a term of fructose poisoning caused too much eating fruit. Is it true that eating too much fruit is not good for health?

Some say that the threshold for toxicity is estimated at about 50 grams of fructose. If we do not want more than 50 grams, roughly we could restrict the five fruits a day. This is because there are an estimated ten grams of fructose in a piece of fruit.

"The issue of nutrition due to excess fructose and sugar occurs when they are added to food. Fruit own beneficial when consumed in any amount," according to the Harvard Health Letter, as reported by the Forksoverknives, Wednesday (06/10/2015).

In one study, seventeen people were made to eat 20 servings of fruit a day. Although fructose content obtained from the diet is very high, (around 200 grams per day), the researchers reported no side effects for weight, blood pressure, insulin, and lipid levels after three to six months.

So, fresh fruit is actually good for health because the fruit is an excellent source of calories. Precisely extra calories from foods other than fruits are often the cause for the accumulation of calories that threaten health. Instead, consume as much fruit is not a problem.

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