Monday, June 22, 2015

5 Myths and Facts About Diet

For some people, losing weight is not easy. Various methods of diet has been done, but the number of scales was also moved down. It may be that, during the time you are stuck in many diet myths. Discover the facts and the weight will fall faster, even weight will be maintained on the numbers you want.

Diet Myth # 1: "I have to eat more often to avoid hunger."

Fact: No one is to eat small meals but often, to keep you from getting hungry and overeating when mealtime. You do not want to feel very hungry at one time. However, if you think that eating often will lose weight, you're wrong.

Diet Myth # 2: Avoid carbohydrates, because it causes weight gain.

Fact: Krbohidrat not cause weight gain. Your weight will go up if you eat too many calories, whether it's carbs, fat or protein. Most oranng indeed avoid starchy carbohydrates, because their nutritional value is small and easily lead to hunger faster.

Diet Myth # 3: Sports High Intensity Interval Training is the best exercise to lose weight.

Fact: Sports High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or cardio become the biggest trends for the lovers of this sport the past few years. Cardio is proven to burn calories in a large amount. The benefits of exercise also reduces the fat enzyme, increasing the efficiency of decomposition of food into energy, while maximizing fat burning in the body. However, this does not need to do excessive exercise just to lose weight faster. Sometimes, excessive exercise bring bad effects on the body.

Diet Myth # 4: Organic and gluten-free food will help you lose weight faster than processed foods.

Fact: There is nothing wrong with the organic and gluten-free foods, but in fact a lot of processed organic food actually contains more calories and sugar as regular food.

Diet Myth # 5: Methods of quick weight loss diet has never succeeded.

Fact: Most diet programs fast weight loss is without basis or scientific research. But, not all diet programs fast weight loss is not good for you. For some people might not succeed, but for some others it is quite possible this diet can help you lose weight.

The thing to remember is that everyone's body is different, as are the body's reaction. If the Program is managed diet for one person, does not necessarily indicate similar results in others. Therefore, it is important to recognize the condition of the body, so that you are not wrong emmilih weight loss program.

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