Monday, June 8, 2015

5 Foods Turns Damage Teeth

All knew, that candy and soda is not good for dental health. But, it was not just that. The content of sugars and acids found in foods that seem harmless, in fact, also have an effect on hygiene and dental health. Marc Lowenberg, DDS, cosmetic dentist in New York, describes the five food unwittingly damage the teeth and provide a solution.

Juice packaging

A bottle of fruit juice or vegetable does have a solid nutrient content, but do not forget the sugar content. Bottled juice typically has a high sugar content, there are even higher than smoothies and soft drinks. "This is tantamount showered you with chocolate sweet tooth," said Lowenberg. This sugar is consumed by bacteria in the mouth and is converted into acid, which makes the tooth enamel thins and can cause cavities.

Solution: Drink juice with a straw, will help keep the content in the juice in direct contact with the teeth. And make sure at least 45 minutes after taking the juice for brushing teeth.


Its texture is chewy and sticky no better than candy. In fact, that makes viitamin chewing sticky texture is sugar. Thus, when chewed tooth is certainly going to increase the risk of cavities.

Solution: It is better to select a vitamin in pill form. Although it is not as good as chewable vitamins, at least you do not need to pay a visit to the dentist.

Barbecue sauce

Make grilling event with friends and family is fun. Unfortunately, most people do not realize that the sweet sauce for chicken or bacon grease, also stain the teeth with sugar. Because, barbecue sauce used do contain a lot of sugar. It will have an effect on the color of teeth, damage can occur even if not quickly cleaned up.

Solution: You can apply petroleum jelly on the teeth, so that the sauce does not come in direct contact with tooth enamel. Not comfortable with petroleum jelly? You can directly brushing teeth immediately after eating, to remove any residue.

Dried fruit

Fresh fruit is considered good for healthy teeth, because the water content of nutritious, such as apples and pears. But, this does not apply to dried fruit. Otherwise nutritious foods, packed with non-cellulosic fibers, and seemed like a trap, the sugar content in them is very high.

Solution: Brush your teeth immediately after eating dried fruit, so that the sugar does not get stuck in the mouth and tooth decay. Preferably, get used to the consumption of fresh fruit rather than dried fruit. In addition, fresh fruit would be healthier because not through any process.

White wine

Red wine is considered bad for dental health, particularly their effect on the color of teeth. But it turns out, the wine pputih no better for dental health. Acids contained in white wine, can eat away tooth enamel.

Solution: Eat more cheese when eating grapes. Cheese contains calcium, phosphorus, all of which can help resist the acid attack in the mouth. In addition, water consumption immediately to clear the mouth of the remaining acid content.

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