Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Eat Protein Before Rice to Control Blood Sugar

Sequence foods eaten by someone who are obese and diabetes mellitus was influential in their blood sugar levels.

A recent study found that intake of protein and vegetables before carbohydrates can lower blood sugar and insulin levels after meals.

Blood sugar levels under control is very important for people with diabetes. If the blood sugar is too high over time will cause complications.

"So far, the drug is reliable, but diet is also an important part. Unfortunately, changing diets is difficult run diabetes," said Dr.Louis Aronne, an expert in metabolic research from Weill Cornell Medical College, New York City.

Carbohydrates will raise blood sugar levels, but it is not easy to ask people with diabetes to reduce or do not eat carbs at all. In a study conducted Aronne is known to actually set the order of food can also have an impact on blood sugar levels.

The study conducted on 11 people who are obese and suffer from diabetes mellitus. All respondents taking the diabetes drug metformin.

They were asked to consume food in the two methods. The first is carbohydrates first, followed by protein, vegetables, and fat 15 minutes later. Measure their blood sugar levels before meals, as well as 30 minutes, 60, and 120 minutes after eating.

A week later, their diet was changed. This time the participants were asked to eat protein, vegetables, and fat first. The new carbohydrate eaten 15 minutes later. Once again, their blood sugar levels were also measured same as in the first trial diet.

It turns out both make diet lower blood sugar levels and insulin levels as well. "Based on these studies, physicians may be able to change the 'do not eat it' to 'eat it before it'," says Aronne.

This study will be followed up on a greater number of respondents.

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